• What if I don't see my contacts in the app?

    The app contacts mirror the numbers already in your phone. If a contact is missing, make sure you have the correct contact label is "mobile", "iphone", "cell", or "other".

  • What devices does the app work on?

    You Matter App works on Apple and Android devices.

  • Do I need to download the app to read the message?

    Yes, you need to download the app to read the message. The good news is there is no cost for the app and you get 5 free sends with your download to send messages to others.

  • On my iPhone, the app is asking me if I want to send a text message. What does this mean?

    This means the person you desire to send the message to currently does not have the app downloaded on their mobile devices.  The text simply notifies them that there is a message waiting for them, and directs them to the website to download the app in order to view your message.

  • How much does the app cost?

    The app is free and includes 5 sends/credits, plus in-app purchases.

  • What are the in-app purchases?

    You have the opportunity to purchase more sends/credits at:10 for $0.99 and 100 for $7.99

  • My contacts are not showing up in the app?
    If your contacts are not showing up, please make sure the contact in your phone:
    -Is labeled as mobile, cell, iPhone or other.  The app only pulls those phone labels.
    -Contains a US city area code.
    -Is not one of those  unique numbers (for ex. l2-435 or 4674).  If you do have a contact less than 10 digits in your contacts, please make sure they are not labeled as labeled as mobile, cell, iPhone or other. 
  • My notifications are not working?

    If you are not receiving notifications, in the app, please go to Edit Profile and slide Enable Notifications button to the right.  Boom! You should be all set.

  • Will new phrases be added to the app?

    Absolutely!  New phrases will be added monthly and beauty of it is no app update will be required. We keep it fresh around here!

  • Can I send a You Matter note to my international contacts?

    Not at this time, but we are preparing to add that feature in a future update.

  • Why do I see duplicate Contacts in Android?

    It is possible you have two contacts that need to be "merged". This can be done by selecting the contact and doing and edit. In the menu inside the contact there should be a merge option and just select the other contact to put all the information into one contact.

    It is also possible you have a Phone (Cloud) and a Google Contact. If this is the case try to either merge these contacts or go t using just one of the contacts and remove the information from the other.

  • What if I do not allow access to my Contacts?

    You can always update this setting if you accidentally block the contacts from being accessed. You can go to the Settings and scroll down and select You Matter. In here you can turn on/off the access to the contacts.